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GC Orthodontics

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NiTi Initialloy Coil SpringsNiTi Initialloy Coil Springs
NiTi Initialloy Coil Springs
GAC’s Sentalloy Coil Springs are body heat activated so they provide more flexibility, greater sizing capability and a superior, near constant force to move teeth without periodontal stress. The closed coil springs have laser fused eyelets for easy engagement and no unwinding.
from £70.80
Japanese Elastomeric ChainJapanese Elastomeric Chain
Japanese Elastomeric Chain
High quality elastic chain. 2m Spool. Latex free.

GC Ortho Connect Light Cure Adhesive
GC Ortho Connect Light Cure Adhesive
Contains 2 x 2.9gm syringes, 4 tips plus 2 covers.
Tooth MousseTooth Mousse
Tooth Mousse
Assorted pack contains 2x90g tubes of each flavour: mint, strawberry, tutti frutti, vanilla & melon. Mint pack contains 10x90g tubes of mint flavour.

Bracket Storage BoxBracket Storage Box
Bracket Storage Box
Perfect for storing your spare or loose brackets. Divided into quadrants, with storage for brackets and tubes U/L1-7.

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