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MTM No TraceMTM No Trace
MTM No Trace
Premium Lingual Self-Ligating Bracket System for Minor Tooth Movement 
from £22.00
In-Ovation L IndividualsIn-Ovation L Individuals
In-Ovation L Individuals
Premium Lingual Self-Ligating Bracket System 

In-Ovation mini KitsIn-Ovation mini Kits
In-Ovation mini Kits
The Highest Achievement in Low-Profile Orthodontics The new In-Ovation mini bracket is the smallest self-ligating twin bracket Dentsply GAC has ever produced. Designed, developed and manufactured using the latest in micro-engineering technology, In-Ovation mini raises the bar on low-profile performance. From the innovative clip design to the patented Interactive™ technology that offers unmatched...